November 06, 2006

cliamte change and the control climate

If you assume that the rather dubious science behind the UN report on climate chnage is correct, and further that the economic worst case scenario is the one that is going to happen it still does not follow that the authoritarian hair shirt solution of carbon rationing is the only on possible. Instead of forcing everybody to reduce ourselves to poverty and shut off any hope of improving their lives to people that live in the third world there is another way. Reduce the heat source by shutting out some of the heat that gets to the earth. This is all possible with current technology, even if the launch costs would currently be $400 trillion, nothing compared to the amounts that they are forecasting that climate change will cost. This number could be reduced even further where technologies such as LiftPort's space elevator used instead the current, extremely expensive, lift technologies used. Oops, I forgot the worries about climate change have nothing to do with making sure that people can live well, and everything to do with forefilling the impulse to control the actions of others that is so much a part of the Left.


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